Let's Imagine 1d

Writers: Ana, Mayssam, Emily & Orrie
Imagine #16: “Summer Love” - Niall Horan Imagine


“It’s amazing how fast three months goes,” Niall sighs as he sits cross-legged at the foot of the bed as he watches you pack your bags.

“I can’t believe it’s nearly over,” you smile half-heartedly. The past summer has been the best summer of your life. You never knew that visiting your family in Ireland would turn into having your first summer fling. 

“Just promise you wont forget me back in London,” he says softly.

“Niall, I haven’t left yet. But I always will remember you,” you answer sitting down across from him and linking your hand with his. “I will call you every-“

“Don’t do this to yourself. I don’t expect you to do anything, I just want you to remember me,” he smiles.

“I’m going to miss you so much Nialler,” you gulp, holding back tears.

“Hey, don’t cry,” he says pulling you into a tight hug, “I had you for the summer.”

“I love you Niall,” you confess looking into his blue eyes.

“I love you too Y/N,” he smiles and places a kiss on your lips. You’d kissed his lips probably a thousand times, but this kiss was filled with sadness, and wanting, and memories. You knew it wouldn’t last forever, but you’d hoped it wouldn’t end so soon. You fall back against the bed as Niall’s hands grip your waist and you don’t break your lips away from his.

“Let’s make the last time just like the first time,” you whisper to him; and you do just that. The next day, you don’t say the word that’s on both of your lips, but you both will always remember your summer love.

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