Let's Imagine 1d

Writers: Ana, Mayssam, Emily & Orrie
Preference #62: The Show You Make Him Watch


You normally stay away from reality television, but Breaking Amish is just too good. Harry thinks it’s hilarious, and he find the Amish very interesting. He just doesn’t understand why you’re so into it.


Somehow they mixed show tunes, top 40 music, and high school drama into one perfect show: Glee. Liam says he likes Sam the best, to which you understand completely.  He sort of reminds you of someone…


You are OBSESSED with RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s hilarious, dramatic, and glamorous.  All of your favorite things with smack talk and lip sinking thrown in. Louis always watches it with you, in awe of their transformations.


New Girl is your favorite show. You have never watched an episode without laughing out loud and Niall finds it hilarious too. He says that you remind him of Jess because you’re cute and funny just like her.


Teen Wolf is your guilty pleasure. The suspense, romance, lovable characters, and the hot guys are the complete package. Zayn just doesn’t get why you think the moody werewolf and the funny sidekick are in love…

Let me know which shows are your fav! I watch all of these, but I gotta say that Teen Wolf is my fav. P.S. I AM SO FREAKING PISSED AT COLTON RIGHT NOW…

-Ana :)

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